I am a writer as well as a visual artist.  My work is not only an ongoing exploration of the intersection between art, literature, science and philosophy, but attempts to create a narrative.  I draw influence and inspiration from 20th century continental philosophy, with a specific interest in areas of existentialism and phenomenology.  

Recurring themes in my work include the romance of technology, chaos theory, ennui, free association, transcendence, and transgression.  Most recently, I have been interested in examining the effect of technology on the human condition.  Technology influences how we behave, how we think.  It isolates but allows for intimacy as well.  It can end life or lengthen it.  To explore this duality, I utilize a minimalist palette and pointillism technique.  For me, it’s a meditative practice as well as a functional one.  What emerges on the canvas is not physical but metaphysical.  Through this abstraction, it becomes easier to communicate the feeling and non-feeling states of living/existing in a modern/post-modern, technologically-driven world. 

In a personal commitment to myself as an artist and a communicator, I want to create an intimate connection between my work and the viewer.  Each piece is intended to build upon the others, creating an intricate narrative that invites the viewer closer.